Dancing School Kids – Vol 6

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This CD includes more happy songs for classroom use, plus holiday songs, recital routine songs and two songs for Daddy and Daughter dances. Do A Dance If Your Happy, I’m Happy That I’m Me, and Let’s Share are easy to learn, fun to do and develop self esteem. Take A Picture teaches children to hold a pose. We’re Running and Leaping makes leaps across the floor more exciting. Pokey The Pumpkin, The Valentine Waltz, and The Easter Bunny are a few of the holiday songs on this CD that will enrich your dance program. Hollywood is a great recital song for your little starlets. The Mini Rockettes will be a hit too and there is even more.

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  • Ideas and Lyrics by Eugenia T. Smith
  • Arrangements by Sean Paxton
  • Vocal Direction for the Group Songs Andrew Delo
  • Vocals by Kelly Jakiel, Lia Sumerano, Lyndsey Thuerck, Andrew Delo, Christina Bixler, Nicole Bixler, Kimberly Kucharski, Addy Thuerck, Alexandra Thuerck, and Nicole Zizzi
  • Vocal Duets by Lyndsey Thuerck and Tom Smith
  • ©2007 Eugenia T. Smith – All Rights Reserved.


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