Dancing School Kids – Vol 2

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This CD includes happy songs which make learning to dance fun. Start to count, Mommy and Me, The Fancy Hat Parade, Little Big, Galloping Horse, Suzy Saute, Teeter Totter, are only some of the songs with their own special dances. It’s A Beautiful Day is great for classroom use (a wonderful end of class dance) plus it makes a great show tested Dad and Daughter Routine.

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  • Ideas and Lyrics by Eugenia T. Smith
  • Arrangements by Nelson Cole
  • Vocals by Deirdre Barthel, Lisa Bavaro, Brittany Gabryel, Sarah Hess, Kristin Lindstrom, Brittany Madej, Kelly Polak, Jenna Szymendera, and Lyndsey Thuerck
  • “It’s a Beautiful Day” Duet by Tom Smith & Lyndsey Thuerck
  • Vocal Direction by Tom Smith
  • ©2001 Eugenia T. Smith – All Rights Reserved.


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