Dancing School Kids – Vol 1

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22 tracks of music including some songs played with 2 or 3 versions, vocal, instrumental and verbal dance instruction. Several songs have a variety of uses. Includes many of the “Bread and Butter” routines on which you can build your entire curriculum. Some of the songs are: Hello, Dancing School Kids™, Rita Right and Larry Left, Good Good Toes, Hop Leap and Jump and Kick and Splash.

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  • Ideas and Lyrics by Eugenia T. Smith
  • Arrangements by Dick Bauerle and Matthew Severyn
  • Vocals by Lisa Bavaro, Heather Critoph, Taylor Gabryel, Ashley Goble, Kristin Lindstrom and Cristina Ruszczyk
  • Vocal Direction by Tom Smith
  • ©1973-1999 Eugenia T. Smith – All Rights Reserved.


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