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Larry Left Rita Right
Larry LeftRita RightThe Dancing School Kids curriculum was developed by Eugenia Smith over 30 years of in class experimentation to give dance teachers fun tools to help teach valuable concepts and steps in Tap and Pre Ballet.

Eugenia created songs and dances with the characters Rita Right, Larry Left and the other Dancing School Kids to make learning fun for young dancers. Each song and routine is designed to teach valuable dance vocabulary that can be enjoyed week after week to build the students dance knowledge.

These songs and routines are put together in 6 Volumes of Music and Notes that makes lesson planning a breeze.

We know that you are going to love this program!

Dancing School Kids is in use in studios all across the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and the UK. It has been taught on several dance conventions such as Rhee Gold’s Project Motivate, Hollywood Vibe, Dance Olympus, Dance Caravan and Dance Masters.

Though Eugenia passed away in 2009 her gift of music and dance education lives on. Her daughter Holly Humphreys continues to teach and develop new material for Dancing School Kids along with her son Christopher Smith the National Director of Hollywood Vibe Dance Productions.

We hope that you as a teacher will have fun educating the young dancers of tomorrow with this fun material and we wish you as Miss Genie always did “Happy Dancing”!

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